Peter Head and the Pitchfork Militia have been throwing rocks and starting fires across the Mid-Hudson Valley since 1995. With a blend of country, blues, rock and punk, the band terms itself "Apocabilly". This rockin' three piece is in turns funny, raging, satirical and silly. It's fun, it's fast, it's loud!
pitchfork militia

PETER HEAD-Writer, guitarist, lyricist and singer for the band, Peter plays an old Fender Telecaster thru a brand new Fender Hot Rod amplifier. Peter mixes it together with sincere, clever, sometimes crude and surprizingly insightful lyrics into what has become the Pitchfork Militia. Be careful your pants dont catch fire!

KARL KRAUSE-A candy maker by day and daddy at night, Karl plays a four string electric Ovation piano bass through an old MusicMan guitar amp giving him a unique twangy crunch.

JOSEPH P. MORGAN-Computer wizard and graphic designer, this drummer can go from a dry country waltz to a blurring speedball hailstorm of sound in a New York second!

Pitchfork Wreckerds
P O Box 327
Palenville NY
12463 - 0327
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